Quality and nature

Customer satisfaction and high quality products are the essential elements in Kiiltoplast´s operations. Since 1994 our quality system has been certified to the ISO9001:2008 and it covers product development, sales, marketing and the production process.

Quality thinking in Kiiltoplast is based on continuous development of our products and operations. Personnel with commitment to quality thinking and the internal procedures to monitor the quality of our operations enable us to follow the quality system which is continuously updated to meet the customers’ specified needs.

Kiiltoplast has a valid environmental permit granted by the local authorities. In all our activities we have a close co-operation with the environmental authorities and our goal is to minimize the quantity of waste and avoid air and water pollution. Environmental and quality values have a top priority position as far as the product development and the updating of the production process are concerned. In 2006-2007 our goal is to integrate the environmental and safety aspects into the quality system.

Kiiltoplast has also committed itself to the international Responsible Care –voluntary programme of the chemical industry.  The programme is planned to ensure sustainable development in social relations and environmental impacts.

From the year 2011 Kiiltoplast has merged to become more and more enviromental friendly. This includes new raw materials, which are enviromental friendly and rewenable energy usage in heating system.

On 2012, Kiiltoplast also accomplished in FSC -sertification. FSC -sertificate indicates that Kiiltoplast uses paper from responsible resources.